Transient Analysis Model (TransAM) Software

This easy-to-use yet powerful hydraulic application gives you the ability to perform hydraulic and transient analyses of virtually any water distribution system; from simple pipelines to large, complex pipe networks. TransAM's comprehensive interface lets you quickly view your water distribution system's response to pump station power failures, valve closures, and pump speed changes using high quality, graphical effects such as three-dimensional surface plotting and real time animation. Using TransAM you can identify special protection measures to reduce pipe leaks, avoid breaks, investigate control actions and strategies, and improve water quality in your distribution system.

To date, more than 30 consultants and utilities across the world use TransAM, one of the most sophisticated and advanced level software programs available for transient analysis. HydraTek is currently in the process of developing a new generation hydraulic transient software package, with features and boundary conditions that will significantly benefit the hydroelectric industry.

Even with the above internal developments, HydraTek is no longer in the commercial transient software development or support business. Through many years of experience, HydraTek has come to the conclusion that a comprehensive transient analysis requires a reasonable degree of sophistication if the supplied transient code is to be used well, and that mistakes are often costly, dangerous and avoidable. The goal of the TransAM software package has always been to assist a well educated and experienced engineer in the highly variable and uncertain area of hydraulic transients. Unlike most commercial transient software packages, the goal of TransAM has never been to make its user an expert in a day, by simplifying its use and/or by eliminating many important system and decision making variables.