HydraTek prides itself in being a specialist engineering company and therefore we are always open to meeting with interested people who share our passion and vision for what specialized consulting in our industries entails.  Candidates with unique specializations in related and complementary fields are encouraged to contact us at

Although we most commonly hire engineers from the disciplines of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,  Engineering Science , and/or Engineering Physics, we are also open to interest from other related scientific fields.  Please note that not all expressions of interest will be responded to.

Alumni Quotes

Here’s what some of our alumni have said about us:

“HydraTek's streamlined staff team and diverse portfolio of service offerings allowed me to participate in each stage of the consulting process, from field work to modeling, and from long-term monitoring to one-day tests. The staffs' collection of field experience and theoretical understanding provides a unique offering within the water resources consulting sector. HydraTek is a dynamic working environment in which I was challenged to deepen both my theoretical and field understandings of transients, hydraulics, pumps, and energy efficiency.”

"My career in North America started with HydraTek.  HydraTek provides an enjoyable and challenging working environment, opportunities to gain both industrial and research experiences, and to meet and learn from great and passionate people.”

"The work culture – one of learning, professionalism, and humility all at once – was a great fit for myself and for anyone looking to work, be challenged and expand their minds."

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with HydraTek.  I admire Dr. Karney's knowledge and his holistic and positive approach towards life, work, and managing HydraTek.  HydraTek’s culture is very positive, constructive, and it is a very welcoming place for diversity.  It is a work place where all employees trust the people that they work with.  It is also important to stress HydraTek’s exceptional corporate philosophy, and in its innovative and cost effective solutions.  HydraTek always strives to provide value and continued support in its consulting service offerings.”

"My summer internship with HydraTek was an excellent experience that introduced me to several important and innovative topics in water resources engineering, particularly with respect to hydraulic transients. The mix of field work and technical analysis complemented each other and provided me with a complete work experience."