About Us

"City dwellers who day after day see water flowing from faucets, docile to their needs, have no idea of its idiosyncrasy. They cannot imagine how much patience and cleverness are needed to handle our great friend-enemy; how much insight must be gained in understanding its arrogant nature in order to tame and subjugate it; how water must be ‘enticed’ to agree to our will, respecting its own at the same time."

Enzo Levi (1995). The Science of Water: The Foundations of Modern Hydraulics, ASCE, p. xiii

HydraTek was founded in the late 1980s in order to provide specialty consulting engineering services for problems involving water hammer in pipe systems. HydraTek has since completed over 450 hydraulic and transient related projects in a diverse range of pipe systems such as water distribution networks, water transmission systems, stormwater conveyance, slurry/tailings distribution, sanitary conveyance and forcemains, airport jet fuel supply networks, and hydroelectric installations. In recent years, the volume of engagements, as well as the global adoption of hydraulic transient analysis, hydraulic modeling, and specialized field investigations have increased and HydraTek has diversified its services and experience to the point where it now offers comprehensive and high quality hydraulic modeling, analysis, training, investigation, field, and design services for a variety of complex hydraulic systems.

We enjoy very strong ties with the University of Toronto and have access to leading-edge thinkers in the fields of hydraulics, fluid mechanics and dynamics, water and energy. Our people generally hold Masters- or Doctorate-level advanced degrees in various engineering or scientific disciplines and we maintain a focus on consulting activities which are generally not hosted by traditional firms, many of whom we partner with on a project-by-project basis. This approach has the added advantage of maintaining independence and the resultant ability to provide an unbiased service which is particularly well suited to peer review engagements and forensic investigations.